About IG

We are a pretty flexible group and therefore we do not have a board of directors, president, treasurer or any other rules, restrictions, costs or requirements. The only obligation is, that members have to be in posession of a 964 Special Edition Anniversary Model "30 Jahre 911". We are friendly connected to the Porsche Owners Club Germany (POCG) (www.pocg.de) who's club-policy is of the same relaxed attitude.

The initial event and founding gathering, took place on the first of May in 2005, included 17 'Jubis' displayed on a special exhibition space. This event was held as part of the fourth Porsche Club Day Meeting in Dinslaken, which gave it's participants and visitors a special treat. Since then, this International Jubi Meeting takes place on a yearly base, always at the same spot and at the same day of the year in Dinslaken (Germany) www.porschefreunde-1mai.de.

The main reason for the foundation of this club is clearly and simply to help and to connect all of us who appreciate this special and unique limited series. Members can meet virtually or from time to time get together to share and enjoy their binding passion and excitement for the 'Jubi' 964 Anniversary Series.

The around 300 Members of our interest group (IG) are living in more the 20 countries and are spread all over the world.

2009 saw our 5th International Jubi Meeting. Since it was intended to set up a record for the largest meeting of the world, 66 Anniversaries from seven european countries gathered for this event. A show which has never been seen bevor.

During the past years, further national and regional activities including group excursions took place.

Int. Rallye to Stuttgart, 30.05.-01.06.2013                                                                                        Photo: Heiko Niemeyer


Pictures from our last gatherings can be found under the Activities section of this webpage.

We continually update the register for all researched 'Jubis' and are always on the lookout for further, so far unknown Jubis, to add them to the register. As of the January 2016 we have a total of around 600 registered Jubis, recorded with technical and historical data. Owners personal data are protected and will be never given to anyone.

Nobody must, everybody can, - this is the motto that the 964 'Jubi' group lives by. We are happy about every special edition 'Jubi' driver that is interested in our club, whether they are an active member or just list their limited number of their 'Jubi' in our register, so that we can one day have the complete list of the total nine hundred and eleven special edition cars that were made fore this series.

Every member has the option of joining our mailing list for the latest news and updates from the club and other 964 'Jubi' related info. We hope that all drivers of this limited series will join the club and register their vehicle.

Furthermore we ask every other Porsche fans to support our idea by sending us any usefull informations. For those who would like to make a special note in regards to their 'Jubi', or for those are interested in buying a car from this limited series, all you need to do is mail to


Air cooled greetings to all friends and drivers of the Porsche 964, 30th anniversary series.

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