Sale & Support

We offer advice and support to all those interested in buying or selling a Jubi. Our service:

- Market value estimates
Accompaniment and advice when you wish to visit  a Jubis which is for sale.
- Recommendation
of specialized companies and automotive experts.
Check list as a PDF for independent Jubi purchase.

We carry lists of Jubis which are not publicly available for sale and of interested persons who are looking to buy “the right” Jubi.

You are looking for assistance in buying or selling a Jubi? You are searching for a specialized workshop or you need recommendation for (e.g.) and a car-care specialist? Then please feel free to contact us. We make every effort to assist you. Your privacy guaranteed from our side.

Are you competently and have special knowledge about the Jubi? Would you like to provide your services in the matter of workshops, upholstery, paint shops, car care, car-expertise or in other areas around the Jubi?  Would you like to become part of the Jubi network? If so, please get in touch with us.


Furthermore we will show below various collectibles connected to the Jubi and the subject "30 years 911". Some of these collectibles may be for sale or exchange. If you are interested, please get in touch via info(ät)
If you have information on further items, please let us know.

Another part of this website will take care for the support of members and interested friends in relation to the Jubi.


Jubi for sale!

If interested, please get in touch via  info(ät), if the contact-details of the seller are not mentioned.

Important notice: The creator of this website and provider of this service is not in charge for the content of any advert. Neither can he guaranty for the accuracy and correctness of he given information by the seller. Errors and mistakes have to be accepted. Legal claims cannot be derived. Presentation and description of the cars and items stay  fully under the responsibility of the seller.

Jubi offers and sales - Average Prices

The table below gives you an overview on  the average proces of Jubi-Sales and offers which have been documented in the Jubi-register. Although this data don’t claim to display the real prices which finally were achieved when a Jubi was sold, the file will give you an impression on the price-development during the past years.

2000 =   37.850 €
2001 =   35.767 €
2002 =   34.697 €
2003 =   38.962 €
2004 =   30.063 €
2005 =   33.667 €
2006 =   34.312 €
2007 =   36.108 €
2008 =   37.466 €
2009 =   41.226 €
2010 =   42.548 €
2011 =   45.147 €
2012 =   48.655 €
2013 =   58.102 €
2014 =   76.359 €
2015 = 138.749 €
2016 = 147.470 €
2017 = 137.417 €
2018 = 125.580 €
2019 = 124.894 €

Checklist Jubi-Purchase

We can provide a checklist (German language) to support you in buying a Jubi. The checklist is for private, personal use, only. 
It can be ordered via e-mail to info(at)

The copyright has to be respected!
The checklist provides expressly not guarantee error-free buying a Jubi. It should only be used as support and cannot replace a professionally and competent inspection / evaluation of a Jubi by a specialist.  It is strongly recommended to look for an experts support before buying. The vehicle may also be checked by a PORSCHE-specialized garage.

The checklist is not intended to be comprehensive. Additional notes are welcome here

Remark: The checklist is still to come as English version. We are working on that issue.

Spare-Parts & Collectibles

Here you’ll find spare-parts for Jubis and collectibles for sale or exchange. If you are interested, please get in touch via info(ät)


1 set of original wheels in CUP I  in 7/9 J x 17 ET 55
1 Original steering wheel
1 pair of taillights in very good condition
1 undertray below the engine
1 Frontbumper (Grey)

Purchase basically all original parts!


1 Rev-Counter with on-board computer (Rubicon)
1 Speedometer with trip odometer (Rubicon)
1 instrument -  Oil Pressure - / temperature (Rubicon)
1 instrument - tank / oil quantity indicator (Rubicon)
1 clock (Rubicon)

Sheet metal parts:
1 Front cover (Viola)
1 engine cover complete with spoiler, engine, lettering (Viola)

1 Rear bumper  - corner - left
1 set of indicators front - White
1 set of door sill plates - stainless steel
1 set of
lettering (engine cover)

1 fog light - left (new)
1 fog lights - left (used)
2 fog lights - right (used)

Set of Floor mats - Classic Gray - Original with Porsche lettering
Interior leather (parts / used) in Rubicon gray (for repairs / repair work)
2 x cassette compartment with storage

Center cap
1 x Set Center cap  EXC (Colour Coat -  Small Crest) - original in most Jubis! Not available anymore at Porsche - Rare!
1 x Set Center caps - alloy - with large crest colored coated
1 x Set Center Caps - alloy -  large Crest in Black lining 

Heat exchangers left and right

Sammelartikel / Collectiblesdownloads: 746 | type: pdf | size: 6 MB

Technical support & Tips

Here we wish to provide some technical support and tips, not only for the Jubi.

- Template for positioning the Jubi lettering on the engine-cover. (Request to: info(at)

Removal and installation of the front seats (German language) downloads: 627 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB

Engine compartment cover strip!downloads: 290 | type: pdf | size: 687 kB

Jubi Media Archive

In recent
years a number of reports from different media were collected whenever media were reporting on the Jubi or the Jubi IG. The PDF-file below should give you an overview of what has been collected already.  If you are in possession of other report and if you have knowledge of other sources, we would appreciate a contact via info (at)
Jubi Media Archivdownloads: 480 | type: pdf | size: 45 kB

The Jubi-Poster: "20 years Jubi"

For the 20th Anniversary of the Jubi, we have designed two Posters. They were realized by a briish Company and will be sold by them. The 964 Jubi is not involved in the sale. You can order the Poster here:
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