The register

Dear Jubi-Friend!

The Jubi-Register exists since November 2004. It covers all detected Porsches of the Limited Edition Series “30 Jahre 911” worldwide. It’s intention is so recover each cars’ history, to document it and to save it for the future.

Jubi-Owners have the great opportunity to store the details of their Jubis in the register and to receive information on the history of their cars, from the time before they owned it. Personal details will never be given to anyone without the respective owner’s permission!

In case Jubi-Owners intend to sell their cars or in cases of any incidents to the car, it might be a very supportive fact that the Jubi in question has been registered here. Apart of that, each entry in the register will help to save the heritage of the Special Edition Model Series “30 Jahre 911”.

The extract version of the register which can be downloaded here, is just intending to display how many and which Jubis have already been detected. Many more details are registered here, but can’t be displayed in public.

It is very important to understand, that the "964 Jubi IG" and the register does not follow any financial interest by maintaining the register!

Jubi Register Extract - Date: 230619downloads: 499 | type: pdf | size: 65 kB

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