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  • 01.01.20  - Happy new year ! To all members and friends of the 964 Jubi IG  !
  • 03.01.20 -  Minichamps issues a Limited Editon (99 pcs) Jubi-Modelcar in Viola and Polar-Grey (scale: 1:8)


Dear Jubi-Friend!

On the following websites, you will find usefull and interesting information about the Special Limited Edition Anniversary Model "30 Jahre 911" (30 years 911) and the 964 Jubi IG (Informal Group).

In 1993, there were only a limited total of 911 cars produced for this special limited edition that were subsequently sold throughout the world except of the USA.

We are an international group of about 300 owners of the 964 Anniversary Model.

Since we have many different nationalities represented the site is available in some other languages, German and French.

You can always switch languagues by clicking one of the flags in the top left corner of our site (above the white 964 Jubi IG text).

We wish you to enjoy our webiste!


964 Jubi IG

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